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EXHIBITION: RUB // Illustrated Works by Brie Moreno (London, UK)


EXHIBITION: Rub // Drawings by Brie Moreno (London, UK / Ottawa, CA)
DATES: May 4 to 26, 2018
OPENING/VERNISSAGE: May 4, 2018, 7-9 PM, free admission, welcome to all
CURATED BY: Melanie Yugo (Possible Worlds Co-Director)

ARTIST TALK: Brie Moreno and and Joe Kessler (Breakdown Press, London, UK), May 17, 7-9 PM, Possible Worlds


We are pleased to debut on the occasion of the show a special new artist edition by Brie Moreno. Produced by Possible Worlds in an edition of 25, handsilkscreened in-house and available for purchase.

Possible Worlds is pleased to host Rub, the first solo exhibition of Ottawa-born, London based illustrator Brie Moreno

In Rub, vignettes of strong, leading female figures in psychedelic and mutated otherworlds command the page. Accompanied by human or animal sidekicks, these “superheroines” appear at ease in their environments, from conversing with colourful pterygota, to scaling ladders and tall trees wearing used nylons and Issey Miyake Pleats Please. The characters are playful, yet at the same time exude poise, confidence and power. 

Working in her bedroom getaway, Moreno's illustrations are made with felt tip marker on newsprint, an homage to analog techniques and folk art. Emphasizing the temporality or non-existence of these worlds, the drawings appear to warp and crinkle, and with time will fade away.

Rub showcases Moreno's drawings in her latest zine of the same name, soon to be released by Zurich-based independent publishing house, Nieves


She rubbed out all of her mistakes.
She’s rubbing her drowsy lids, lathered in royal blue.
He’s rubbing his Bichon Frise behind the ears.
Their bodies rubbed and rubbed and rubbed.
Her Miu Mius rubbed her ankles red and raw. 

Used nylons, archive Issey Miyake Pleats Please, juicy grapes and their vines, poise, anxiety, and colourful pterygotas are just some of the ingredients found in many of the recipes produced in my work. Each illustration is made with felt tip on newsprint, as to allude to nostalgia. The drawings warp and crinkle and with time will fade away… the excitement of the implications of time. One can observe vignettes of individuals bursting like a mudpot driven by nerves and zeal. Surrounded in lush patterns and green landscapes, the individuals hold their head high and dazzle through a tense grin, because why not?



Brie Moreno (b. 1994) grew up in Ottawa and currently lives in London, England. Her work has been exhibited at Printed Matter in New York as well as at the Galerie du Jour - agnès b in Paris. She has worked with Art Gallery of Ontario, Bloomberg Businessweek, Novembre Magazine, Lagon Revue, Breakdown Press and Nieves Books. 

Website: / Instagram: @boogerbrie