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EXHIBITION: Print Culture with Ottawa Art Gallery // PW Reception: June 22


EXHIBITION: Print Culture
DATES: May 31 to July 1, 2018
OPENING/VERNISSAGE: Ottawa Art Gallery: May 31, 2018 and Possible Worlds: June 22, 2018, free admission, welcome to all
CURATED BY: Melanie Yugo (Possible Worlds) and Stephanie Germano (Ottawa Art Gallery)

This exhibition highlights an emerging print scene that is developing in Ottawa-Gatineau. The printed image remains prevalent in contemporary culture; in an increasingly digital era, these regional artists choose to integrate analog printmaking techniques into their image-making practice. The selected artworks emphasize the varied forms of printmaking used by these artists, such as silk screening, woodcut and etching, as well as the tools and processes they use in the production and design of their work.

This exhibition is collaboration between Possible Worlds (708G Somerset St W) and the Ottawa Art Gallery. Works will be shown at both locations and we encourage the public to visit both sites to experience the whole of the exhibition. In line with the medium’s history of accessibility and social engagement, a series of print workshops will be hosted during the length of the exhibition.

Stéphanie St-Jean Aubre, Melissa Blackman, Chayle Cook, Stephen Frew, Deidre Hierlihy, Robert Hinchley, Mana Rouholamini, Anne Wanda Tessier and Joyce Westrop.. 

Mana Rouholaimini