Thanks for your interest in sharing your work at Possible Worlds! 

We're always on the look out for fresh, original work to feature in our space.

We focus on graphic art (e.g. print, artists' books, illustration, design, new/digital media, art objects) and electronic music from emerging, experimental, diverse, socially-engaged and underrepresented artists, groups or collectives. We welcome Ottawa-based, Canadian or international artists. Please make sure that you fall within our mandate before submitting. Submissions should be sent at least two months before the proposed date(s).

Proposals can be from across these areas:

  • Participating in or curating a solo or group show on our gallery wall (approximately 18 x 10 feet);
  • Teaching a workshop (for approximately 6-8 people);
  • Creating a window installation (approximately 4 x 6 feet); OR
  • Live electronic music performance.


To submit, please email with all your information, organized by headers:

  1. Project description and artist statement (up to 250 words): Describe the specific exhibition/ workshop/installation/performance you are proposing, and how it relates to your practice;
  2. Links to your website, portfolio/discography/track listing/past projects, CV, and social media account(s);
  3. Preferred dates;
  4. Any special technical requirements; and
  5. Why you want to show/teach/perform at Possible Worlds.

Submissions are received and reviewed on a rolling basis by the Possible Worlds space directors. We try to respond within 2-3 weeks of receiving a submission, but please do not be offended or discouraged if you do not hear from us right away. We look forward to seeing your works! 

If you have any questions or want to discuss whether your project will be suitable for our space, contact us at If you are in Ottawa, please don't hesitate to also stop by our space if you want to discuss ideas.