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Fly Seagull Fly | New Pictures from the Emerging Shy Babe of Plant World (Montreal)


DATES: Thursday, December 15, 2016 – Wednesday, January 11, 2017
OPENING/VERNISSAGE: Thursday, December 15, 2016, 7:00-10:00 PM
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Possible Worlds presents you with Fly Seagull Fly, an installation featuring new silkscreen works on paper and paintings from the emerging shy babe of Plant World, JG.

In this exhibition, JG explores their artistic practice as an expression of inconsistencies, learnings, failures and loose ends. At the same time, they highlight the restraints of normative structures within the gallery setting and everyday life.

Through a visual adaptation of mutant disco, JG produces pictorial situations that are both relatable and subversive, much like the left-field music movement’s roots in disco, punk and pop. Imagery that is commonplace (such as plants, windows and the human body) have been hand printed and produced in eccentric, rhythmic actions, evoking a sense of visceral shifts within the static white walls of the “gallery”. 

More broadly, JG looks at how we navigate the regulated spaces in which we are immersed, how they may be disassembled to create sub-cultural/queer/experimental structures, and how we might celebrate the strange, ambiguous beauty that develops within/between these spaces and/or on the fringes.

*Curatorial text by Possible Worlds Co-Director, Melanie Yugo

Artist Edition and Performance
Special to the exhibition, Possible Worlds & JG will also be releasing an artist edition of spatial poetry and drawings titled "FLY SEAGULL FLY". The opening of the installation will also be accompanied by an experimental ' book on tape ' performance.


JG is a Montréal based, queer/non-binary visual artist, writer and printmaker whose process has been formed through the time lapse of self-directed and non-institutionalized practice. Their working approach began in 2011, in the natural light of a basic sun-room printmaking studio in Guelph, ON. and has since been actively leaning into the forms of small press book art and experimental design for ephemera and printed matter. 

Their work reflects an obsessive need to participate in the ideological lineage of fringe and outsider art making. Drawing from a well of internal narratives and personal fantasy,  imagery is arranged to present the viewer with hyper aesthetic combinations of actual forms with material impersonations of nature, both concrete and psychological. Through the use of freely associating subject matter, attention to detail becomes a revision of what a form becomes in spatial formlessness, and how our perception of what is actual expands as we are being presented with inaccurate pictorial information on the viewing plane. 

JG's work has been published by Carousel, Swimmer's Group (Toronto) and Forge Art magazine (New York). Contributions include mural painting with En Masse (Montreal) and several installations as well as ongoing poster material for Kazoo! (Guelph).