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Exhibition: Soundescape | Illustrations by Ben van Duyvendyk (Ottawa)

Illustrations by Ben van Duyvendyk
Opening Night: Friday, February 19, 2016 from 7-10 PM, to coincide with Possible Worlds birthday party
Exhibition Dates: February 19 to March 12, 2016 (EXTENDED)
New and original artwork, Risograph prints and zines available for purchase. 

In Soundescape, Ottawa-based graphic designer and illustrator Ben van Duyvendyk imagines the evolution of post-human creatures to a world where verbal language is absent and where the only form of communication is sound.

Ben take us through the stages of this evolution, from humans and animals outfitted in bespoke clothing and head gear used to translate different languages from around the world, to otherwordly creatures with permanent fixtures around their heads used to mediate thoughts and emotions through sound waves. The end state is a species where 100% of its genetic material is physically expressed, resulting in living organisms that experience the world through a cacophony of bleeps and blops.

Special for this exhibition, Ben van Duyvendyk and Possible Worlds are publishing a Risograph printed zine, and limited edition shirt.

*Curatorial text by Possible Worlds Co-Director, Melanie Yugo


Ben van Duyvendyk was raised in a burned down swamp along with sheep and earthbound fowl.

He frequented guidance counselor offices for what he drew in the margins of his notebooks. Since then he's done graphic design work for the federal government, Drawn & Quarterly publishing, countless album covers, gig posters, and horrible guest vocals for the denizens of the local music scene. He sketches compulsively, paints occasionally, and is irresistibly drawn to new methods of expressing ideas visually so he can do away with speaking altogether.

Currently he's delving further into the photographic with video work on the way, vainly taking a stab at a short graphic novel, and undertaking a gauntlet of collaborative work with local and not so local artists, musicians and writers.

Leonard Cohen continues to ignore his calls.

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