Print on paper, fabric, wood + more. Bring your ideas to life.

Since 2006, over 1,000 participants have learned the process, possibilities and benefits of silkscreening (aka screenprinting or serigraphy) at Possible Worlds and through our collective Spins & Needles. We are frequently considered the leading educator in Ottawa-Gatineau for silkscreening education. Workshops take place at Possible Worlds and outside our space, as part of our Possible Worlds Mobile Art Studio.



Silkscreening is a printmaking method. A mesh screen is used to transfer ink onto paper, fabric, wood or other materials through a stencil process.

Silkscreen is one of the most versatile of all print media. It can be a simple as lines in one colour or as complex as layers of multiple colours. Images that are handdrawn or created digitally can be printed. You can print on everything from paper to fabric to wood and countless other materials.


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