Put your ideas out onto t-shirts, posters, tote bags, stationery and more in no time.

Possible Worlds offers screen exposure services for those eager to get started on a silkscreening project they’ve been thinking about, yet may not have the equipment, knowledge or time to create a screen.

You send us your artwork, and we’ll create the screen for you, ready to go.



1. Prepare your artwork

Artwork must be in black and white, with high contrast (no shades of grey), no less than 300 dpi (72 dpi is not appropriate). Bold shapes and thick lines are preferred (no halftones or very thin lines or we may not be able to take your order on). Artwork must be in JPG or PDF format and not in any other format ( e.g . NOT in Word, PowerPoint, etc.)


2. Send us your artwork then complete payment

E-mail your artwork to with “Screen Exposure” in the subject line. We’ll let you know if the artwork is suitable for exposure. If not, we may ask you to make some edits. If you require us to make edits, a flat rate of $50 per hour graphic design fee is applicable.

Once artwork is approved, send us payment within 48 hours so we can prepare your screen. Payment must be received before we proceed.


3. Pick up your screen

Once artwork is approved and payment is received, the screen will be ready for pickup within 3-5 business days at Possible Worlds.



  • Artwork: Size is limited to 8”x 10”, ideal for printing on t-shirts and smaller posters. We prefer artwork with bold shapes and thick lines (no halftones or very thin lines or we may not be able to take your order on).

  • Screen: Size is 14” x 16”, created in-house, with a mesh count of 110 to 160 and a wood frame. These screens must be purchased; we do not offer reclaiming services or use other company’s screens.

  • Turnaround time: Screen is ready within 3-5 business days of us approving the artwork. Pickup is at Possible Worlds in Chinatown (although shipping is an option).

  • Pricing: $60 + HST per screen.


  • Past workshop participants who want to dive right away into a print project

  • Artists and designers who want to add a silkscreen element to their work or exhibition

  • Creative/digital agencies looking to add a unique touch to physical products or launches

  • Bands printing merchandise ad hoc or who who want to take their screen on tour

  • Office workplaces creating t-shirts to commemorate a special project or social function

  • Non-profits or community organizations creating t-shirts or tote bags for fundraisers

  • Schools creating posters, t-shirts or banners for end of year or graduation events.