We collaborate with artists, designers, small studios and organizations to create various printed matter.

We take on projects that aim to contribute to building community, advancing cultural dialogue, and social change.


Our Specialties

  • Silkscreening

  • Risograph printing

  • Graphic design / graphic art

NOTE: Our Risograph machine is currently under maintenance. Stay tuned for updates.

What We Can Print

  • Posters

  • Art prints

  • Artist books

  • Zines

  • Album Covers

  • Cassette Covers

  • Bandanas (one-colour only)

  • Pamphlets

  • Postcards


Please note: All poster and art prints that leave the studio are marked on the back with the Possible Worlds stamp to signify its authenticity, part of a traditional printmaking practice. 

If you’d like to commission us to print or design for you and think it’s a fit, please fill out the form below.