We bring the art studio to you.

As part of our commitment to making art accessible for everyone, everywhere, we offer workshops beyond our gallery/shop/studio walls. Through our Possible Worlds Mobile Art Studio and collective Spins & Needles, we’ll draw on our 20+ combined years of participatory art and music programming to facilitate at your location of choice. For all creative levels.



Group + Teambuilding

We offer customized group workshops at your location of choice - perfect for a gathering of friends, parties, retreats or team-building. These workshops get your group collaborating on a joint project or creating just for fun.


Schools + Academia

We can come to your school for a single visit or multiple sessions. We’ll work with you to integrate silkscreening, zinemaking or other graphic arts into your curriculum.

By involving students and teachers in the creative process, we can also create school swag for events + fundraisers.


Community Outreach

We draw on our expertise in participatory art to engage communities and explore social and cultural issues. Work takes the forms of books, t-shirts, posters or other multiples in order to share the work that is co-created. Each project that we do reflects our commitment to social change and our belief in the value of shared artistic production.


Institutions + Events

Workshops can act as a strategic tool for institutions and brands to build relationships with their audiences. Discover how participatory learning experiences, from a single workshop to a full learning program, can activate your one-night event, festival, conference, exhibition or product launch.


We’ve worked with clients across the art, education, technology and social sectors, and collaborated with curators, brands and experts from other fields.

  • National Gallery of Canada

  • Ottawa Art Gallery

  • Shopify

  • Galerie SAW Gallery

  • Carleton University

  • Algonquin College

  • Ashbury College

  • Kitigan Zibi School

  • Ottawa-Carleton Immigrant Services Organization

  • Future of Good