Reshape relationships with your audience through participatory art-based events and programs.

Participatory art experiences can act as a strategic tool for institutions and brands to build interest and engage audiences in a meaningful and unique way.

From a single collaborative project to a full learning program to live silkscreening on-site, we can help activate your one-night event, festival, conference, exhibition program or product launch.


Choose from one of our options below or suggest an idea. We’ll work together to customize the experience to your budget, goals and skill levels. 


Art Education Program

In multiple sessions, participants will explore a particular topic through a graphic arts program, from drawing to typography to printing to publishing. Posters, zines, t-shirts and other shareable, colalborative works will be produced. Ideal for institutional education programs or theme-based convenings.


Conference Artist-in- Residence

Through abstract images, collage, drawings and text, Possible Worlds artists will create summaries of presentations and portraits of presenters and participants. Works can be gifted to speakers or VIPs. Live DJ music can complement the experience.


Collaborative Installation

Through silkscreen printing on-site, participants will contribute printed matter to a collaborative, large-scale installation exploring a particular topic. Ideal for events, festivals, conferences, exhibition programs or product launches. Live DJ music can complement the experience.


Live Silkscreening Experience

We bring our micro silkscreening studio to you and print (or coach people how to print) on the spot at your event. Participants will take home their own poster, t-shirt or tote bag featuring your artwork of choice. Live DJ music can complement the experience.


Collaborative Publication

Participants will co-create a publication on-site consisting of pages made by each of them on a particular topic. Text, drawings and collage are incorporated. Ideal for events, conferences, exhibition programs or theme-based convenings. Live DJ music can complement the experience.


Art Bar

Conference or event participants can stop by the Possible Worlds Art Bar for art breaks. Materials will be provided to get creativity flowing and to encourage networking between sessions. Live DJ music can complement the experience.

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