Engage members of your community to explore relevant social and cultural issues through hands-on art workshops.

Through our Mobile Art Studio, we facilitate workshops with underrepresented, diverse and youth communities. Our process usually involves a conversation, questions, collaborative image making, and the creation of multiples to be shared widely so that their voices are heard.

Each project reflects our commitment to social change and our belief in the value of shared artistic production.


Choose from one of our community outreach workshops below, or suggest an idea. We’ll work together to customize the workshop to your budget, goals and skill levels. 


Tell Your Stories

Each participant will create an individual zine on a social or cultural issue of their choosing. Possible topics can include issues such as: racism, Indigenous rights, LGBTQIAA+ rights, homelessness, incarceration, gentrification, food security, immigration, environmental change, politics, and more. Print 10+ zines for students to share and trade.


Creative Manifesto

After reviewing various types of artist manifestos from different time periods, participants will design their own individual creative manifesto or principles for everyday life in zine format using text, images and colour.


Activism through Art

Using silkscreen or Risograph printing as a medium, participants will create and print artwork and social messages on posters or t-shirts to raise awareness and educate on social justice issues.


Neighbourhood/ Community Walk

Explore the neighbourhood or community around you. What are the positive aspects of it and what could be improved? What would your ideal community look like? Using simple silkscreening methods, participants will document the realities and possibilities of their shared spaces in print form.


Good Place/Bad Place

What are elements of your utopia? Dystopia? Participants will discuss the kind of world they want to live in and express these elements on a page through writing or drawing. Each person will take home a collective bound publication.


Food + Zines

Using food as the theme, participants will be given the tools to co-create a cookbook of shared recipes. Each person will take home a collective bound publication. Food and drink can be served!

Please review our workshop policies. In placing a deposit, your group agrees to our terms and conditions.


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